RoBBiE RaGGs RaGGeTTe’s Of The Month

March 2017 Carlye Denise

What's Not To Love About Carlye!!??

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Dagmara Bajura Feb2017 RaGGeTe

Once a year King Bawanna Robbie Raggs selects a RaGGeTTe That Should have been one Years ago! This Year Dagmara Bajura born in Kielce, Świętokrzyskie, Poland now living in one of Robbie's old stomping grounds Montclair, NJ Is that RaGGeTTe!!

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Lorie Cox January 2017 RaGGeTTe Mobile, AL

Robbie Raggs met Lorie at Our October 2016 RaGGeTTe Jana Dunn's wedding on Halloween in New Orleans! She took a now famous Side Boob PIC with Robbie, and he said she MUST Be a RaGGeTTE!! Now she is The First RaGGeTTE of The Year 2017

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Roxi December 2016 RaGGeTTe BHM, AL

Long Time friend of Robbie Raggs comes out of retirement one time for Robbie, and 's fall poster and December 2016 RaGGeTTE!!

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Jana Dunn October 2016 Halloween RaGGeTTE

Get Ready for our Halloween In New Orleans Broadcast with RaGGeTTe Dana Dunn The 2016 Halloween RaGGeTTE! Brought to you by OT's world famous RIBs and catering!!

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Gemma Lee Farrell August 2016 RaGGeTTe

Happy Birthday Month to our Head Honcho RoBBiE RaGGs!! Gemma Lee Farrell is The Best to be in a Birthday suit for RoBBiE!!

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Victoria Vulpe July 2016 RaGGeTTe

She's The Epitome of The Blonde Bombshells!! Welcome July 2016 RaGGeTTe Victoria Vulpe!!

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Daniella Kianna June 2016 RaGGeTTe

Robbie Raggs found this lady (no not skinny dipping in is fantasy swimming pool late one night), but as in the way all models are discovered theses days,.....on Instagram!! We are glad he did!! She's a Knock out!!

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Amanda Rodriguez May 2016 RaGGeTTe

The RaGGeTTe named RoDriGueZ!! Yeah She's a Bad AZZ

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Brenda Lynn Acevedo April 2016 RaGGeTTe

Yeah We Know Brenda Lynn Acevedo is a Goddess!!

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Sara St.Clair March 2016 RaGGeTTe

Meet The Lady That Kicked RoBBiE RaGGs In The Nuts By LUST!!!,....Really! Our March 2016 RaGGeTTe Sara St.Clair!! We Get The Feeling You are going to hear a lot of her on cuz she is all Robbie can talk about!! Ok Robbie we know "She's Hot" OK we get it!!

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Swacy Stack 2016 RaGGeTTe of The YEAR

Our Chubby buddy Robbie Raggs met Swacy during a live broadcast and just knew she had to be more than just a RaGGeTTe of The Month!! Welcome Swacy to the the top of the top! RaGGeTTe of The Year 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Summer Manning February 2016 RaGGeTTe

Robbie Raggs met Summer at The Chattanooga World of Wheels Poster Photo Shoot! He just knew she must be the next RaGGeTTe of the month! So after moving a few models around he put her in as soon as he could, Please welcome The February 2016 RaGGeTTe Summer Lynn Manning!!!

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Alyssa Arce's January 2016 RaGGeTTe

Welcome in the New Year with The First RaGGeTTe of 2016!! After you see this gallery you will defiantly want to motor boat with Alyssa!!

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Jenna Chapple's December 2015 RaGGeTTe

Jenna Chapple is the 2015 Holiday Hottie / Christmas Crumpet / RaGGeTTE !!!!!

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Scarlet Bouvier's November 2015 RaGGeTTe

This November we are giving many Thanks to our RaGGeTTe Scarlet Bouvier from Southampton England

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Jenny Poussin October 2015

After Months of searching, and thousands of models wanting to be The October 2015 RaGGeTTe! We found our Halloween Hottie!! Jenny Poussin Cosplay/Glamour model!

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Leanna Bartlett Sept 2015 RaGGeTTE

Leanna Has been seen on for a while now Featured on THONG Thursday, and Side BOOB Saturdays! So it's no surprise Robbie Raggs picked her as our Back To School RaGGeTTE!!

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Diana Melison August 2015 RaGGeTTe

It's RoBBiE RaGGs Birthday Month and Diana sending Love From Russia!! Oh and Yes She is in her Birthday suit!! Just as long as Robbie is NOT in his!!!

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Swacy Stack July 2015 RaGGeTTE

Swacy Stack is a Hottie Hooters Calendar Girl, Maxim Model, Has Her Very Own Swacy Stack 2015 Calendar Out Now,and The biggest part of her modeling career,... RaGGeTTe July 2015 & Personal Friend of RoBBiE RaGGs

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Sarah Clark June 2015 RaGGeTTe

Robbie Raggs and Stormie Leigh Interviewed Sarah as she was reppin' The World Of Wheels as Miss World Of Wheels! She is also Miss Hooter Alabama 2014 & 2015 Two years in a row! Sarah's been published Internationally, and now she's the first RaGGeTTe of Summer 2015!!!

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Dani Mathers May 2015 RaGGeTTe

We here at RaGG RADIO feel not only have big things happened for one of our favorite NEW Playmates,...BUT even bigger things are going to happen for her!! Just look at her PIX!! Fun, Funny, Sexy, Smart WE LOVE DANI MATHERS!!!!

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Charlotte McKinney February 2015 RaGGeTTe

You Know the Carl's Jr. (Banned in most of the country) Super Bowl Add Hottie Charlotte McKinney!!

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Rachael Hall January 2015 RaGGeTTe

Robbie has picked another Wonder from Down-under!! Meet Rachael Hall The First RaGGeTTe of 2015!!!! Next Time You are in Perth Western Australia say Hello to her for us!!

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Dakota Shannon December 2014

From a Twin Peaks Girl, To Playboy, From Maxim to Stetson! You might have heard Dakota on The Robbie Raggs Radio Show!! Now she's The RaGGeTTe of the Month for December 2014! This is her Last Glamour Shoot and The Best of Dakota!!

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Karlee Ironside Nov 2014 RaGGeTTe

Meet our November 2014 RaGGeTTe Karlee Marie Ironside from Australia dedicated to all our Downunder RaggRADIO listeners!! She also won our Listeners Pic The November RaGGeTTe!!

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Bryci RaGGeTTe Oct 2014

Meet Bryci,.......Our First Ever Halloween Zombie RaGGeTTe

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Tiffany Thompson September 2014 RaGGeTTe

September 2014 RaGGeTTe Tiffany Thompson from

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Moran Atias Aug 2014 RaGGeTTe

Starring in the new TV Hit Tyrant on FX!! Moran Atias our August 2014 RaGGeTTe has been in movies and TV shows for years! Also The El Jefe' of RaGGradio RoBBiE RaGGs has stated "Moran Atias could quite be The Most Beautiful Woman Ever"

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Hillary Fisher July 2014 RaGGeTTe

As a Tribute to The FIFA World Cup Hillary Fisher (our July 2014 RaGGeTTe of The Month) Kicks and Plays with a few Balls!!

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Rosie Roff RaGGeTTe June 2014

Our friend Model Talent Scout for RaggRADIO Monika Stevens turned us on to this totally Hottie Rosie Roff! RaGGeTTe June 2014!

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May 2014 Michelle Zanotelli RaGGeTTe

Meet Michelle from NOLA one of our favorite Ladies in One of our favorite places! You can win a chance to party with her in our RaggRADIO trip to New Orleans August 2014!!

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Madison Knox RaGGeTTe April 2014

From Birmingham, AL living now in Atlanta, GA Madison Knox has been seen all over the country with Playboy and now the 5'6" 125lb 34DD, 25, 35, Hottie is All over the world on the International Rock Station!!

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Kelly Eden 03-2014 RaGGeTTE

Yeah RoBBiE's In Love!!

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Amber Forrester February 2014 RaGGeTTe

From The ATL Amber Forrester is our February 2014 RaGGeTTe of The Month!!

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Melissa Riso Jan 2014 RaGGeTTe

Welcome in the New Year 2014 with The Fearless, & Bad Ass RaGGeTTe of The Month Melissa Riso!!

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Aída Yéspica Dec 2013 RaGGeTTe

Aída María Yéspica Jaime (born on 15 July 1982 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan television personality, model, and former beauty pageant contestant.

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Jordan RaGGeTTe Nov 2013

Once again we have to thank all our listeners in Germany, (almost as many as The US!!) With Jordan Carver Hottie, Lingerie / Glamor Model and now, Nov 2013 RaGGeTTe of The Month!! Jordan is from Trier in southwestern Germany.

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Roxi October 2013 RaGGeTTe

Roxi October 2013 RaGGeTTe, Augusta, GA

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Fallon September 2013 RaGGeTTe

Fallon September 2013 RaGGeTTe of The Month from Birmingham, AL

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Victoria James August 2013 RaGGeTTe

Victoria James August 2013 RaGGeTTe She Was Fired In Florida For Being To Sexy Of A Teacher!! So We Hired Her!!

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July 2013 RaGGeTTe Abigail Ratchford

July 2013 RaGGeTTe Abigail Ratchford Listen For Abigail on RoBBiE RaGGs Show!

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RaGGeTTe's Of The Year 2013 ROSIE JONES

2013 Ruler Of The RaGGeTTes/RaGGeTTe Of The Year (R.O.T.Y) ROSIE JONES

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Jamie JoLea from Tennessee June 2013

Meet The June 2013 RaGGeTTe of The Month Jamie JoLea from Tennessee in her RaGGeTTe Gallery!!

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Rosie Jones RaGGeTTe May 2013

Rosie Jones RoBBiE's RaGGeTTe of The Year 2013 from the Month May 2013

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April 2013 Brittany Mcgraw

RaGGeTTe April 2013 Brittany Mcgraw

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Christine March 2013 RaGGeTTE

Spring Break 2013 Is here, and Christine does more than just wet down her Tee Shirt!!

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February 2013 Amy

The RaGGeTTe of The Month for February 2013 was Born in Germany! Amy now lives in southern Cali.

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Kelly January 2013 RaGGeTTe

Kelly Andrews Jan 2013 RaGGeTTe of The Month on

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Rhian Sugden 2012 RaGGeTTe Of The Year

Rhian Sugden 2012 RaGGeTTe Of The Year

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December 2012 RaGGeTTe Candace Land

Candace aka: Candy Land is one of our favorite Hotties of all time!! She was the first model to have her very own section in our featured Hotties Gallery! RoBBiE RaGGs is proud to name her as The December 2012 RaGGeTTe Of The Month, and after you she her PIX you will understand why she is a RaGG-Staff / RaGG-Aholic favorite!!

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November 2012 RaGGeTTe Lisa Chandler

This Months RaGGeTTe Lisa Chandler is a Fitness, Bikini, and Lingerie model original from Dallas, Texas aka:Alizia Gutierrez

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Vivianne October 2012 RaGGeTTe

Vivianne works at SAMMY's on Valley Ave. in Birmingham, AL Ever one go there and Ask her to get us more PIX!! Damn it!!

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September 2012 RaGGeTTe Valeria Lukyanova

RoBBiE RaGGs RaGGeTTe for September "The real Life Barbie Doll" Valeria Lukyanova on

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August 2012 RaGGeTTe Cassie Keller

Model / Actress / RaGGeTTe for August 2012 Cassie Keller

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July 2012 RaGGeTTe Pernilla Lundberg

Thanks to all the new listeners in of in Sweden!! RoBBiEs RaGGeTTe for July 2012 Pernilla Lundberg!!

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June 2012 RaGGeTTe Leah Francis

RoBBiEs RaGGeTTe for June 2012 Leigh Francis

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May 2012 RaGGeTTe Justene Jaro

Justene Jaro May 2012 RaGGeTTe of The Month on /

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March 2012 RaGGeTTe Megan Daniels

Action Girl and March 2012 RaGGeTTe of the Month Megan Daniels on /

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February 2012 RaGGeTTe Flavia Alessandra

Thanking all The Listeners in Brazil Rio de Janeiro Model Flavia Alessandra is The February 2012 RaGGeTTe!!

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January 2012 RaGGeTTe Monika Pietransinska

As 2012 started Robbie Raggs and the staff of started noticing all the new listeners all over the world! So as a way to thank those listeners Robbie and his staff started picking International Models as RaGGeTTes!! From Warsaw, Poland Monika Pietransinska!!!

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Sept 2003 Joanie Radford, VA

Sept 2003 Joanie Radford, VA

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Kelly Brook Dec 2001

UK Super Model Kelly Brook is our Head Christmas Crumpet and December 2001 RaGGeTTe of The Month!! ***2015 Kelly Lands a Hit TV Show on NBC One Big Happy!!**** ******2013 Update Kelly is also now a TV and Movie Star in The Us************

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Jennifer Corlis Nov 2001 ATL,GA

RoBBie RaGGs met Jennifer our RaGGeTTe of the month for November 2001 / Hawaiin Tropic / Playboy Model at Club La Vela when he was one of the judges as she won Miss Club La Vela 1999!

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Sept 2001Hottie Holly Birmingham, AL

Sept 2001Hottie Holly Birmingham, AL

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Julia Anne Clarke Dec 1999 RaGGeTTe

Julia Anne Clarke or Julie Clarke is one of Robbie Raggs favorite Playmates of all time from 1991!! So as soon as He started the RaGGeTTe of the Month he knew Julie had to be one!!

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Hannah Graff 9-9-99 The First RaGGeTTe Ever

September 9th 1999 goes on The World Wide Web with Hannah Graff as his first RaGGeTTe ever!

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