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Michelle Zanotelli
(About being a RaGGeTTe)
“I am very excited for this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to see where it takes me. Thanks so much Robbie Raggs”

Playboy Playmate 

Victoria Fuller

Robbie, Thanks for having Me On Your BAD ASS  Show!! You Rock My THONGS Off!!!”

BadAZZ Chix Modeling
The BadAzz Chix proudly support RaggRadio!!! We ♥ the RaGG-Aholics!!!


Playboy Playmate Of the Year 1995

Julie Cialini

Robbie Raggs You Are The Man!!! Thanks for having Me On Your Show!! You are Simply THE BEST!!! XXXO”


PM Show Host Rocket 95.1 Huntsville


“i downloaded the app on my phone a few months ago and listen to you at my desk :) i love the music you play”!!


Program Director / Mornings The Rocket 95.1 Huntsville

Jimbo Wood

“Congrats Robbie for getting RaggRADIO.com going! It’s a Blast to listen to!”


Truck Driver  


“I’m a truck driver and travel all over this great nation! Ive been listening to different stations up and down the dial for years now and it amazes me how RobbieRaggs can start a station. As far as I know, he doesn’t have the big bucks and promotional budget, consultants, ect. that these big Clear Channel and Cumulus Stations have and RaggRadio sounds so much better than the big business radio stations! To Robbie and all the Raggsters KEEP IT UP!! It’s nice to plug my i phone in to the aux and Listen 24/7!”


Member  The Band Abandon August


“This is what rock radio is all about! We are Glad to be apart of this station! Sure beats the hell out of what Clear Channel calls “ROCK”. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”Cheers!! ~Tyler from AA~






“I just wanted to say thank you for having the balls to get out and make it happen for yourself. I look foward to listening to the show today. also I know if the day is going bad you have away to make (me) and others laugh our asses off and remembering the good old days thanks again”.  -StacyStabile




The hottest, sexiest and loudest!!!  RobbieRaggs baby!


PC Beach Girl



“I remember Robbie when he was here in Panama CityBeach on Island 106!! That station has never been the same since RobbieLeft! As a matter of fact Panama CityBeach has never been the same!!! I’m so glad I can listen to RaggRadio.com!!!!!”


 HR Director



I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, I-95, Now give me my Money!! I grew up with you on I-95 Birmingham! Thanks for the memories!!!




“I love Robbie Raggs You might think he’s a dick cuz he dicked me!!!”



Walmart Mgr.


We Love Raggradio.com!!!!!



Sales Mgr. Birmingham


“I LOVE Ragg Radio!!! This station truly ROCKS! I’m hearing music I didnt even know about!!! The Vulcan and 99 should listen and take notes!”



 Randy In Cincinnati

Love The Site!!! The Station Sounds Great!! Its Better Than Anything We Have Here in Cincinnati!!!



Robbie we miss you here in Blackburg! Since you left The Bear completely sucks!!



Bill in Chicago

This station is better than any of our Stations here in Chicago!! Love all the Hot Girls on the Site!!!


Car Sales in St. Louis


I just found you guys!! Love It!!!!! I will tell everyone about Ragg Radio!!!



Loved the show today with The Within Reason lead singer but where is the TnA!!



The Pimp Of Atlanta


RaggRadio Rocks along with AA



“I live in Bham, and let me tell you that the Vulcan sucks balls! They have no clue on how to run

 a Rock Station!” 


Illinois showing some love

Heath from Illinois

Love the show. Where is abandon august from and where can I find more music from them? I’m Digging their song you play.And who is the hottie to the left?



Showin Some Love from Cali


Wow finally a radio station that really ROCKs! When are you gonna be on the west coast? I



Drums The Band Lynam before he was mornig show host on RaggRADIO.com


I like how you program your station. Why can’t a station just play everything like you do anymore? Revolutionizing radio by doing what radio USED to do is a novel idea.



California Muff Diver 2011


This Ragg Radio thing is the over all best thing on the net!! or anywhere!! I Love the Hot Models, and the music is to be found nowhere else!! Keep it up!!! I’m telling everyone I meet to Get on The Ragg!!!!



Hawaiian Tropic / Hooters Girl


I Love the Station Robbie!!!!! I also see me in a couple pictures on robbieraggs.com!!! I like what you have done to the front page of your site!!! When ever I start missing my robbie I can just go to your site!!



ur radio station kicks ass!!!




Oh Robbie.. I do like your style.





You the man Robbie! RoanokeVa misses you.




(Talking about The The October 2011 RaGGeTTe)That’s the hottest one yet Robbie!




Johnathan Laurin March 24 at 12:20pm David Lynam told me about your stationBeen listening to it all day it kicks ass.Glad you got your own station I drive all day and so now I do not have to keep filling stations.Hope to talk to you soonLike to check out the boody o your in. LOL



Panama City

“It looks slutty….but good! Just like you Robbie :) The playlist rocks”!



bobby lewis

Ur playing all my Show-N-Tail music…..and some of my Sammys music KOOL!




AndreasJønsson has sent you a message using your contact form at: www.raggradio.com/RaGG RADIOJust wanted to say thnx for a great show=) And don´t forget DENMARK =)


 anonymous announcer

Cumulus Broadcasting

I wish our station sounded half as good as yours!!




I just discovered your Station!! I’m hearing stuff I didn’t even know was out there! And I thought I was a true ROCKER! Listening to Rag Radio I can truely call my self a ROCKER now! AWESOME Station and web site!!




Salem, Virginia

The Bear (105.3 NRVVA) is not the same!!



Showin Love from Lebanon, PA

Amazing I’m so HAPPY I found this station!! How can I get my pictures in the HOTTIES Gallery??


Stephani Melton

Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Jammed at work today to ya and thankful for headphones & Internet connection since we have no speakers at work! Lol




Love the station!! Happy Holidays and hope you had a Merry Christmas!




Found your show the other day bro,I LOVE IT!!!



 In The Ham!!

Well you guys ran Rock 99 out of town!! Now The Vulcan better do what you guys are doing or they should pack it up too!!



Sales in Lakeland, FL

Love the new Hot Bartender Nichole!! I thought you were joking when you put a link to her all naked and stuff! Then I clicked on and BRAVO Ragg Radio, BRAVO!!! There is no other station like yours keep it up!!!



San Jose, California

Can I have The new Ragettes (Monika) phone number. I think I’m now Gay!




AZ showin Love

Thanks for b-in Real !!!!!! Love what your doin!



Tool Man Blacksburg

I need to see more of the new Hottie Bartender Holly! Oh I guess I can just go down to the texas Roadhouse in C-burg!! Thanks for usinga local girl!! You Guys ROCK!!!




After Listening to Ragg Radio I now know why RobbieRaggs was fired fron regular radio!!Keep Up The GREAT work!!



The Head!!


Love The New Hottie Bartender HOLLY She’s a Hottie!! I’m gonna make a road trip to that Roadhouse in VA!!


scott jones

Chicago Ragaholic

We need more Cabana Girl!!!!! PICs and on air!!!



Love The Show Robbie!!

Heard Cam Cussing you out Funny ass shit!!





Ragg Radio is the greatest thing around for working bands… Great job !




Worikn and playin in The HAM!!

Saw You guys with The Velcro Pygmies Last Night Awesome show!! Robbie Thanks for the free Beers although I tipped the Waitresses more than the beer was worth!! Great seeing you with The PYGS!!


Jen and Jerry

O-Town, FL

We love The New Hottie Bartender!!  We might vacation in Birmingham this year? Wait does anyone Vacation in Alabama!?!?!?!?




KC, Mo

Super Bob is my new favorite Band!! Thanks to Ragg Radio!!!



Super Bob fan

Saw you at Cruch, Here all the SUPER Bob on ragg radio and zLOVE IT!!


Wanna Be Raggette!!

It was really GREAT Meeting Robbie Raggs the other night at Iron Horse! I thought he was goona be an ass!! and he was really not. He was a really nice guy!! 




I love the new app!!! Nice to listen to you guys all the time. I have my ear phones in on  listening in Walmart!!!!



Listening in AZ!!

Just found Ragg Radio and love it! So this is how radio really sounds!!! Got a Ragg Radio App for the i phone??



Ages Apart

“You Got It Slamming This Morning”!



Pimp Of TampaBay Bitches

The New Bar Girl Lindsay is the BEST YET!! WOW!! Where is this bar?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!


Todd in LA

Show in Love in Cali

Love The Station and the Site!!! Who is Carrie and how can we see more of her!!



Living in Pelham

Thanks for being so cool to my kid!! He really opened up to you!! RobbieYoure the best!


Singer Song Writter Producer

Hey man like your website and station, badass..



A Ragg Radio lover!

Who is the new rag doll (KATY) and how do i get her to promo my new club!!!!




Hey Robbie, This is Stacy Stabile of Stabile Investigations last we finally met at the Oak Mtn fair a couple of weeks ago and was just checking out your web page it’s awesome wish I could be there tonight in homewood. Looking forward to a kick-ass show and more more pictures wish the best for your bro good luck. Thanks Stacy a big fan and supporter





Pelham, AL

I like what you do Robert, but I just can’t show any of it to my kids…can tell you’ve done a lot of work to the site. Looks good but I wish you hadn’t taken more of your own bio stuff off of it.


Emma and Kate

We met Robbie last night at Smith Farms Music Festival 2012 great guy!! We love Ragg Radio!!!!!!!! Keep It Rocking!!




Guitarist for TragiklyWhite

TW thinks Ragg Radio is the greatest thing around!




Montgomery, AL

Hey Robbie!  I want one of your t shirts so I can ROCK it at the beach!!!  Love love love your station on my android!!!!!.



what up

when am i going to get to the lounge and hang




Everyone should know about this site and station!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!



Listening in SavannahGA

Love the New Drink Slingers when are they going to have a Twin Peaks in Georgia??!?!?!Keep Rockin Ragg Radio!!



Wakefield, Virginia

Love the app, Ragg Radio on the go lol. Now if only my battery wouldnt drain sp damn fast